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Herbs and health care have a long history. Natural herbal healing has been used the world over for thousands of years. 


Although modern medicine temporarily led the western world away from our innate partnership between nature, herbs and health, interest is rekindling as people realize that most pharmaceuticals do not heal and often come with a high price tag in dollars and side effects.


Nature, on the other hand, can heal and manage symptoms. One of her great healers is plants, both as food and medicine.

Researchers are proving what indigenous people have always known.


Herbs and health go hand in hand. Studies validate many health advantages of plant foods, trees, spices and natural herb remedies. Some herbs work well alone, or in combination with other herbs.

All the natural herbs offered at the Bearded vegan Shop are 100% organic, All herbs are cultivated, harvested, processed and packaged in Florida. We have a direct to grower connection, The short change of handlers ensures potent, fresh, high quality herbs that will assist the body in healing from diseases, pain and inflammation.


Phyto-nutrient and antioxidant rich herbs support our bodies on a cellular level which can increase defense against aids, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardio vascular disease, skin issues and aid in artery cleansing.


Learn more by clicking through some of the herbs offered below. When you purchase herbs from this site you are not only investing in potent high quality herbs, you are also supporting a forgotten sector of local small scale herbal farmers.

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