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Blue vervain or Verbena officinalis is a perennial plant believed to originate from the Mediterranean region. Nowadays it grows wild in various other parts of the world including most of Europe, North Africa, Japan and China. 


The plant contains volatile oils including citral, tannins, alkaloids, bitter glycosides and mucilage all of which give the plant its medicinal benefits. The therapeutic properties of the plant include antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, nervine, diuretic and expectorant actions. It may also have mild sedative effects, bile stimulating and liver restorative actions.


Blue vervain has been used by various cultures down the years as a diuretic to naturally stimulate urination. Natural diuretics of this nature can help rid the system of toxins, excess salts, fat and water. By frequently detoxing the system, you can ensure your liver and kidneys remain healthy. Blue vervain can also help treat urinary tract infections.


3 Ounces
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