Some traditions cannot be forgotten! Our light, cripy and flaky patty crust is handmade from modern wheat and barley (contains gluten). They are great for any family function or corporate event. 


Callaloo (Amaranth Greens) - Jamaican Callaloo is a popular staple green leafy vegetable, cooked with onion, garlic, tomatoes, thyme and Scotch bonnet pepper. Perfect healthy vegetable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Loaded fiber in Callaloo helps to prevent constipation and create a good environment for growth of probiotic bacteria thus boosting your immune system.


  • FILLING: Callaloo, plum tomato, vegetable oil,bell peppers, onions, palm oil, water, salt, vegetable seasoning, brown sugar, spices, garlic powder, tumeric, corn starch, paprika, garlic powder, hot peppers, black pepper.

    CRUST: Enriched wheat flour, malted barley flour, whole wheat flour, water, palm oil, sugar, salt.