Cacao - (Cacao) - Cacao, also known as Jamaican hot chocolate, cocoa tea or chocolate tea, is not to be compared with hot chocolate we know in the US. From preparation to final flavor, there is a vast difference between the two, more directly deriving from the use (or lack thereof) of the raw cacao plant needed to make this recipe.


We obtain our raw cacao directly from the Caribbean Islands and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Deeply rooted in hundreds of years of family tradition, The Bearded Vegan uniquely provides a hot or cold version of this traditional breakfast drink from roasted cacao chocolate balls and our brew of secret spices. Our version of this drink stands in a class of its own and is a must-try for all chocolate connoisseurs. 


    • Distilled Water, Heavy Organic Coconut Cream, Authentic Caribbean Chocolate Balls, Organic Spice Leaves, Natural Spices, Natural Flavoring, Sea Moss