Irish Moss Drink - (Sea Moss) (Gracilaria) - Used by the Irish during the potato famine in the 1800’s as a survival food and later introduced to Jamaicans in coastal towns by Irish immigrants, Irish Moss is a form of red algae. The original recipe is made with (condensed milk, whole milk, cane sugar and honey); however, I have removed the animal products from the traditional recipe and substituted them with healthier options such as distilled water, coconut milk and a blend of spices.  A combination of dates and agave nectar as sweetener lowers the glycemic response in the blood. 


The substitution of high mucous forming ingredients, reduces the potential of inflammation and dis easement in the body when enjoying this traditional drink. The plant base version of this traditional drink has a satisfying taste and provides sustainable energy. Sea moss drink can curb hunger cravings for bad snacks.


I source the sea moss from the tropical caribbean sea water, which is mineral dense, from Island of Grenada. Providing a very high quality sea moss, beach dried naturally, with no added processed salts to act as preservatives.




    • Distilled Water, Organic Dates , Organic Coconut milk, Sea Moss, Organic Spice Leaves, Natural Flavorings, Natural Spices