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Introducing our CURED RESIN OIL (CRO), a potent and dark oil that is a powerhouse of healing compounds. Made from dried flower material, CRO is a cured resin oil created by cannabis flower (hemp) through a solvent extraction process, resulting in a highly potent concentrate. This oil is perfect for calming a racing mind, enhancing mood, easing joint swelling, promoting appetite, fighting abnormal cell growth (cancer), alleviating physical discomfort and soreness, and promoting a natural, deeper sleep. With its potent healing properties, our CURED RESIN OIL is the perfect addition to your wellness routine.


Put simply, CRO is an oil derived from cannabis. But rather than a solvent extract that strips trichomes from buds, RSO contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and additional compounds of the whole cannabis plant. 


The extraction process is complex and fairly long, similar to making a tincture. It’s typically near-black in color, and, admittedly, doesn’t taste great due to its high amount of plant matter (it uses the whole plant).  


CRO was created as a medicinal therapeutic for cancer and other chronic health conditions, like MS and asthma. 


How to use CRO

The two most common ways to consume CRO are orally for internal disease and topically to remedy issues such as skin cancer and joint pain.


How to use CRO internally 

Taken orally the its suggested to add the oil directly to food you will consume. due to its dense oil concentration CRO may not mix well with liquids. The only liquid we have found will even mix the oilis okra water.


How long does CRO take to work?

CRO can require weeks to acclimate to the body depending on body fat content and absorbtion ability. Results may be felt within days, but most report significant differences in symptoms once they have reached the one-gram-per-day threshold.


For skin ailments

If using topically, apply a dab of CRO to the skin site and cover with a band aid or bandage to ensure absorption. Reapply every other day.


For internal conditions

The other popular way to address internal conditions, such as physical pains, immunity conditions, and other illnesses, is to ingest CRO. This requires a large amount of CRO as well as a dosing system that requires weeks to acclimate to the high doses needed for treatment (more below). 




Weeks 1-3: Three small doses every day

Start with a small dose of CRO every eight hours (morning, midday, and night). Each dose should be three drops of CRO from the oil syringe.


Weeks 4-5: Double your dose every four days

every eight hours (morning, midday, and night). Each dose should be 6 drops of CRO from the oil syringe.


Weeks 6-12: A gram a day

Take one gram of CRO a day until you’ve consumed a full 60 grams. This comes out to taking about 12-18 drops of CRO every eight hours.


Continued regimen

Once a patient has gotten used to taking a gram of RSO a day and consumed the recommended 60 grams, they don’t need to continue with such high (and expensive) doses. Simpson’s website recommends one to two grams a month to maintain an influx of cannabinoids.


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