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Introducing our Artisan Sour Dough Loaf made with Spelt Flour, a soft gluten, non hybridized grain that is perfect for those with gluten sensitivities. This high fiber, high protein bread is packed with essential nutrients such as zinc and iron. Made with just four simple ingredients, this bread is free from yeast, dyes, artificial colors, and preservatives. Each loaf is baked fresh and then shipped frozen to preserve its crispy outside and soft interior. Indulge in the delicious and wholesome goodness of our Artisan Sour Dough Loaf, perfect for sandwiches, toast, or simply enjoying on its own.

Artisan Sour Dough Loaves

  • Bread will be shipped frozen along with ice paks and should arrive cold. Store in Refrigerator. If you dont plan on using the loaf within a week you can freeze whole or slice and freeze. Best way to freeze is to wrap the loaf or slices in cling wrap and place in a  zip lock bag. 

  • White spelt flour, distilled water, Sour dough starter, sea salt.


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