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I'm Mikhael, I take pride in the craft of making healthy, plant-based entrees with a heavy alkaline influence. My crafts include: food, organic cold press drinks, holistic herbs and I am an advocate of Hemp products and legalized marijuana. 


I have journeyed and graduated the many levels of a plant-based lifestyle from vegetarian, vegan and alkaline.


The major key to healthy living is BALANCE. Following a strict alkaline diet has many benefits; however, everyone is not disciplined for the journey. A transitional process is ideal when leveling up oppose to catapulting to the top. The products offered at The Bearded Vegan Shop are balance for every level of flesh-free living.   


Maintaining a strong immune system with high quality food and drink is something that we can do to assist the body in achieving homeostasis and destroying outside "foreign bodies" within us.  We all have them, they derive from commercial skin care products, household cleaning products, low quality food, water (pipe water and bottled), and are even created within our bodies from catabolic reactions. 

Every day we are alive, humans encounter potentially harmful disease causing organisms, or “pathogens”, like bacteria or viruses. Yet most of us are still able to function properly and live life without constantly being sick. That’s because the human body requires a multilayered immune system to keep it running smoothly. The two main classes of the immune systems are the "innate immune system" and the adaptive immune system.

The products provided on this site have been carefully selected for quality, value, and benefits. They support the body from a organic holistic approach. 

 Check out our Holistic page for more in-depth information!

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