Great day! I'm Mike, AKA The Bearded Vegan. I take pride in the craft of making healthy, alkaline-based food and beverages for everyone to consume. However, I do understand there are levels to everyone’s journey, so our products are created for everyone - from the novice vegetarian to the seasoned, plant-based veteran. 


My goal, you wonder? To educate the masses on proper nourishment of the body and provide adequate access to these products. My journey began April 26, 2006 and my food consciousness has evolved ever since (believe me, it didn't happen overnight!). Together we can elevate your journey of food consciousness.

My drinks are labeled “Highdration” (the spelling is no mistake!). When crafting my drinks, I use a high level of ingredients. Simply put, commercially and chemically processed drinks are heavily acidic and poison for the human body. My job is to offset that toxicity by introducing alkalinity into your foods and beverages, which only comes from using the freshest, home-grown and organic ingredients.

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